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Marianas Trench
Album Lyrics: Ever After [2011]

Marianas Trench
"Ever After [2011]"

1. Haven't Had Enough playlist
2. By Now playlist
3. Truth or Dare playlist
4. Desperate Measures playlist
5. Porcelain playlist
6. Fallout playlist
7. Stutter playlist
8. Toy Soldiers playlist
9. B Team playlist
10. So Soon playlist
11. No Place Like Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Fix Me [2006]

Marianas Trench
"Fix Me [2006]"

1. Say Anything playlist
2. Decided To Break It playlist
3. September playlist
4. Alibis playlist
5. Shaketramp playlist
6. Low playlist
7. Push playlist
8. Far From Here playlist
9. Vertigo playlist
10. Alive Again playlist
11. Skin and Bones playlist

Album Lyrics: Masterpiece Theatre [2009]

Marianas Trench
"Masterpiece Theatre [2009]"

1. Masterpiece Theatre I playlist
2. All To Myself playlist
3. Cross My Heart playlist
4. Acadia playlist
5. Masterpiece Theatre II playlist
6. Sing Sing playlist
7. Good To You playlist
8. Celebrity Status playlist
9. Perfect playlist
10. Lover Dearest playlist
11. Masterpiece Theatre III playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Marianas Trench

Marianas Trench
"Other Songs - Marianas Trench"

Album Lyrics: Say Anything [2002]

Marianas Trench
"Say Anything [2002]"

1. Primetime playlist
2. Sicker Things playlist
3. Feeling Small playlist