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Darkest Hour
Album Lyrics: The Prophecy Fulfilled

Darkest Hour
"The Prophecy Fulfilled"

1. Choir Of The Prophecy, Fulfilled playlist
2. Reflections Of Ruin playlist
3. Broken Wings playlist
4. This Side Of The Nightmare playlist
5. This Curse playlist
6. Coda XIII playlist

Album Lyrics: The Mark Of The Judas

Darkest Hour
"The Mark Of The Judas"

1. For The Soul Of The Savior playlist
2. A Blessing In Tragedy playlist
3. The Legacy playlist
4. Part II playlist
5. Eclipse playlist
6. The Mark Of The Judas playlist
7. Escape Artist (A.K.A. 'The Circler') playlist
8. Messiah Complex playlist
9. How The Beautiful Decay playlist

Album Lyrics: So Sedated So Secure

Darkest Hour
"So Sedated So Secure"

1. An Epitaph playlist
2. So Sedated, So Secure playlist
3. The Hollow playlist
4. Another Reason playlist
5. No Closer Than A Stranger playlist
6. A Cold Kiss playlist
7. Treason In Trust playlist
8. The Last Dance Massacre playlist

Album Lyrics: Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation

Darkest Hour
"Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation"

1. The Sadist Nation playlist
2. Pay Phones And Pills playlist
3. Oklahoma playlist
4. Marching To The Killing Rhythm playlist
5. The Misinformation Age playlist
6. Seven Day Life playlist
7. Accesible Losses playlist
8. The Patriot Virus playlist
9. Veritas, Aequitas playlist