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Darkness, The
Album Lyrics: Permission To Land

Darkness, The
"Permission To Land"

1. Black Shuck playlist
2. Get Your Hands Off My Woman playlist
3. Growing On Me playlist
4. I Believe In A Thing Called Love playlist
5. Love Is Only A Feeling playlist
6. Givin' Up playlist
7. Stuck In A Rut playlist
8. Friday Night playlist
9. Love On The Rocks With No Ice playlist
10. Holding My Own playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Darkness, The

Darkness, The
"Other Songs - Darkness, The"

1. Best Of Me playlist
2. Christmas Time playlist
3. Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) playlist
4. Flava playlist
5. Girl With The Hazel Eyes playlist
6. How Dare You Call This Love playlist
7. How Dare You Call This Love Lyrics That Are Right playlist
8. I Love You 5 Times playlist
9. I Love You Five Times playlist
10. In My Dreams playlist
11. Makin' Out playlist
12. Out Of My Hands playlist
13. Permission To Land playlist
14. Physical Sex playlist
15. Planning Permission playlist
16. Street Spirit(Fade Out) playlist
17. Stuck In A Molehole playlist
18. The Best Of Me. playlist
19. Tollund Man playlist
20. Upshit Creek playlist