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Darren Hayes
Album Lyrics: Spin

Darren Hayes

1. Strange Relationship playlist
2. Insatiable playlist
3. Heart Attack playlist
4. I Miss You playlist
5. Creepin' Up On You playlist
6. Dirty playlist
7. Crush (1980 Me) playlist
8. Good Enough playlist
9. I Can't Ever Get Enough Of You playlist
10. Like It Or Not playlist
11. What You Like playlist
12. Spin playlist

Album Lyrics: The Tension And The Spark

Darren Hayes
"The Tension And The Spark"

1. Darkness playlist
2. I Like The Way playlist
3. Light playlist
4. Popular playlist
5. Dublin Sky playlist
6. Hero playlist
7. Unlovable playlist
8. Void playlist
9. I Forgive You playlist
10. Feel playlist
11. Love And Attraction playlist
12. Sense Of Humor playlist
13. Ego playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes
"Other Songs - Darren Hayes"

1. Consequences In Life playlist
2. Falling At Your Feet playlist
3. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You playlist
4. I Wish U Heaven playlist
5. In Your Eyes playlist
6. Lift Me Up playlist
7. Ride playlist
8. Right Dead Back On It playlist
9. Sexual Healing playlist
10. So Bad playlist
11. Tattooed playlist
12. The Heart Wants What It Wants playlist
13. Touch playlist
14. When You Say You Love Me playlist
15. Where You Want To Be playlist
16. Zero playlist