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Deborah Cox
Album Lyrics: Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox
"Deborah Cox"

1. Sentimental playlist
2. Who Do You Love? playlist
3. Never Gonna Break My Heart Again playlist
4. Just Be Good To Me playlist
5. Where Do We Go From Here? playlist

Album Lyrics: One Wish

Deborah Cox
"One Wish"

1. That Day in September playlist
2. It's Over Now playlist
3. Nobody Is Supose To Be Here playlist
4. We Can't Be Friends playlist
5. I Never Knew playlist
6. One Day You Will playlist
7. Things Just Ain't The Same playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox
"Other Songs - Deborah Cox"

1. Absolutely Not playlist
2. Deborah Cox playlist
3. Easy As Life playlist
4. Hurts So Much playlist
5. Justa A Dance playlist
6. Like I Did playlist
7. Mr Lonely playlist
8. Natural Woman playlist
9. Oh My Gosh! playlist
10. Play Your Part (Mike Rizzo Radio Version) playlist
11. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven playlist
12. Starting With You playlist
13. The Morning After playlist
14. Up & Down (In & Out) playlist
15. Up & Down Remix playlist