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Martin Solveig
Album Lyrics: C'est La Vie [2008]

Martin Solveig
"C'est La Vie [2008]"

1. Beauty False playlist
2. Bottom Line playlist
3. Butterfly playlist
4. C'Est La Vie (Radio Edit) playlist
5. Give It To Me playlist
6. I Want You playlist
7. Poptimistic playlist
8. Some Other Time playlist
9. Superficial playlist
10. Touch Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Smash [2011]

Martin Solveig
"Smash [2011]"

1. Big In Japan playlist
2. Boys And Girls playlist
3. Can't Stop playlist
4. Get Away From You playlist
5. Hello playlist
6. Let's Not Play Games playlist
7. Ready 2Go playlist
8. We Came To Smash (In A Black Tuxedo) playlist

Album Lyrics: Hedonist [2005]

Martin Solveig
"Hedonist [2005]"

1. Black Voices playlist
2. Blind Rendez-Vous playlist
3. Don't Waste Another Day playlist
4. If You Tell Me More playlist
5. Requiem Pour Un Con playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Martin Solveig

Martin Solveig
"Other Songs - Martin Solveig"

1. Boys And Girls (Extended Mix) playlist
2. Boys And Girls (Laidback Luke Remix) playlist
3. Boys And Girls (Les Petits Pilous Remix) playlist
4. C'Est La Vie (Fedde Vs. Martin Club Mix) playlist
5. I Want You (Laidback Luke Remix) playlist
6. I Want You (Radio Edit) playlist
7. I Want You (TEPR Remix) playlist
8. Jealousy (Radio Edit) playlist
9. Rejection (Bob Sinclar Remix) playlist
10. Rejection (Erick-E Club Mix) playlist
11. Rejection (Ian Carey Remix) playlist
12. Rejection (Stylophonic Club Mix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Sur La Terre [2002]

Martin Solveig
"Sur La Terre [2002]"

1. Burning playlist
2. Destiny playlist
3. Edony playlist
4. Intro Sur La Terre playlist
5. Mr. President playlist
6. On My Mind playlist
7. Someday playlist
8. Sur La Terre playlist
9. You Are My Friend playlist

Album Lyrics: So Far [2006]

Martin Solveig
"So Far [2006]"

1. Cabo Parano playlist
2. Dry playlist
3. Everybody playlist
4. Heart Of Africa playlist
5. I Got A Woman playlist
6. I'm A Good Man playlist
7. Jealousy playlist
8. Linda playlist
9. Rejection (Radio Edit) playlist
10. Rocking Music playlist
11. Someday (Radio Edit) playlist
12. Something About You playlist

Album Lyrics: NRJ Music Awards 2009 [2008]

Martin Solveig
"NRJ Music Awards 2009 [2008]"

1. One 2 3 Four playlist

Album Lyrics: Fun Dance 2007 [2007]

Martin Solveig
"Fun Dance 2007 [2007]"

1. Rejection playlist

Album Lyrics: Fun Dance 2007 Volume 2 [2007]

Martin Solveig
"Fun Dance 2007 Volume 2 [2007]"

1. Something Better playlist

Album Lyrics: Fun Dance 2013 [2013]

Martin Solveig
"Fun Dance 2013 [2013]"

1. The Night Out playlist