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Daniel Johnston
Album Lyrics: Continued Story/hi How Are You [2009]

Daniel Johnston
"Continued Story/hi How Are You [2009]"

1. A Walk In The Wind playlist

Album Lyrics: Lost & Found [1994]

Daniel Johnston
"Lost & Found [1994]"

1. Beatles playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs Of Pain: Early Recordings Volume 1 [2003]

Daniel Johnston
"Songs Of Pain: Early Recordings Volume 1 [2003]"

1. Brainwash playlist
2. Lazy playlist
3. Premarital Sex playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston
"Other Songs - Daniel Johnston"

1. Buy Klonopin playlist
2. Delusion Confusion playlist
3. Devil Town playlist
4. Generic Ambien playlist
5. Happy Talk playlist
6. It's Over playlist
7. My Yoke Is Heavy playlist
8. Now playlist
9. Put My Love Out The Door playlist
10. Sad Sac Tarzan playlist
11. Softly And Tenderly playlist

Album Lyrics: Fun [1994]

Daniel Johnston
"Fun [1994]"

1. Catie playlist
2. Circus Man playlist
3. Foxy Girl playlist
4. Jelly Beans playlist
5. Life In Vain playlist
6. Lousy Weekend playlist
7. Love Will See You Through playlist
8. Mind Contorted playlist
9. My Little Girl playlist
10. Psycho Nightmare playlist
11. When I Met You playlist

Album Lyrics: Rejected Unknown [2001]

Daniel Johnston
"Rejected Unknown [2001]"

1. Davinare playlist
2. Party playlist

Album Lyrics: Yip Jump Music [2009]

Daniel Johnston
"Yip Jump Music [2009]"

1. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances playlist

Album Lyrics: Why Me? Live Volksbuhne Am Rosa Luxemburg-Platz 6/6/99 [2005]

Daniel Johnston
"Why Me? Live Volksbuhne Am Rosa Luxemburg-Platz 6/6/99 [2005]"

1. I Had A Dream playlist
2. Silly Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Is & Always Was [2009]

Daniel Johnston
"Is & Always Was [2009]"

1. I Had Lost My Mind playlist
2. Mind Movies playlist
3. Tears playlist

Album Lyrics: Welcome To My World [2006]

Daniel Johnston
"Welcome To My World [2006]"

1. Laurie playlist
2. Peek A Boo playlist
3. Some Things Last A Long Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Fear Yourself [2003]

Daniel Johnston
"Fear Yourself [2003]"

1. Mountain Top playlist

Album Lyrics: Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered [2007]

Daniel Johnston
"Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered [2007]"

1. My Life Is Starting Over Again playlist