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David Cassidy
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - David Cassidy

David Cassidy
"Other Songs - David Cassidy"

1. Ain't No Sunshine playlist
2. All Because Of You playlist
3. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do playlist
4. Cherish playlist
5. Cry playlist
6. Do You Believe In Magic playlist
7. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat playlist
8. I'll Meet You Halfway playlist
9. If I Didn't Care playlist
10. Livin' Without You playlist
11. Madonna - Human Nature playlist
12. No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross playlist
13. Saddle Up (And Ride Your Poney) playlist
14. Some Kind Of A Summer playlist
15. Somebody Wants To Love You playlist
16. Stranger In Your Heart playlist
17. Walk Away Renee playlist
18. You Are Always On My Mind playlist
19. You Don't Have To Tell Me playlist
20. You Remember Me playlist
21. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away [Dvd] playlist

Album Lyrics: Daydreamer [2002]

David Cassidy
"Daydreamer [2002]"

1. Could It Be Forever playlist
2. I Am A Clown playlist

Album Lyrics: Cassidy Live! [2008]

David Cassidy
"Cassidy Live! [2008]"

1. Daydreamer playlist

Album Lyrics: Touch Of Blue [2003]

David Cassidy
"Touch Of Blue [2003]"

1. I Think I Love You playlist

Album Lyrics: Then And Now [2001]

David Cassidy
"Then And Now [2001]"

1. It's One Of Those Nights playlist

Album Lyrics: Rock Me Baby [2003]

David Cassidy
"Rock Me Baby [2003]"

1. Rock Me Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: Romance [2012]

David Cassidy
"Romance [2012]"

1. She Knows All About Boys playlist
2. The Last Kiss playlist

Album Lyrics: Didn't You Used To Be [1992]

David Cassidy
"Didn't You Used To Be [1992]"

1. Treat Me Like You Used To playlist