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Dave Alvin
Album Lyrics: Blackjack David [1998]

Dave Alvin
"Blackjack David [1998]"

1. 1968 playlist
2. From A Kitchen Table playlist
3. Laurel Lynn playlist
4. New Highway playlist
5. Tall Trees playlist
6. The Way You Say Good-Bye playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of The Hightone Years [2008]

Dave Alvin
"The Best Of The Hightone Years [2008]"

1. Abilene playlist
2. Evening Blues playlist
3. Mary Brown playlist

Album Lyrics: Ashgrove [2004]

Dave Alvin
"Ashgrove [2004]"

1. Ashgrove playlist
2. Black Haired Girl playlist
3. Black Sky playlist
4. Nine Volt Heart playlist
5. Out Of Control playlist
6. Rio Grande playlist
7. Sinful Daughter playlist
8. Somewhere In Time playlist
9. The Man In The Bed playlist

Album Lyrics: West Of The West [2008]

Dave Alvin
"West Of The West [2008]"

1. Don't Look Now playlist
2. Down On The Riverbed playlist
3. Here In California playlist
4. Kern River playlist
5. Loser playlist
6. Redneck Friend playlist
7. Surfer Girl playlist
8. Tramps And Hawkers playlist

Album Lyrics: Live From Austin Tx [2007]

Dave Alvin
"Live From Austin Tx [2007]"

1. Blackjack David playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Dave Alvin

Dave Alvin
"Other Songs - Dave Alvin"

1. Blue Blvd playlist
2. Dark Night playlist
3. Everett Ruess playlist
4. Every Night About This Time playlist
5. Haley's Comet playlist
6. So Empty playlist
7. So Long Baby,Goodbye playlist
8. Sonoraeath Row playlist

Album Lyrics: Romeo's Escape [1995]

Dave Alvin
"Romeo's Escape [1995]"

1. Long White Cadillac playlist