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David Coverdale
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - David Coverdale

David Coverdale
"Other Songs - David Coverdale"

1. Absolution Blues playlist
2. Cry For Love playlist
3. Don't Fade Away playlist
4. Don't Leave Me This Way playlist
5. Easy Does It playlist
6. Feeling Hot playlist
7. Last Note Of Freedom playlist
8. Only My Soul playlist
9. Over Now playlist
10. Pride & Joy playlist
11. Shake My Tree playlist
12. Take A Look At Yourself playlist
13. Take Me For A Little While playlist
14. Time & Again playlist
15. Too Many Tears playlist
16. Waiting On You playlist
17. Whereever You May Go playlist
18. Whisper A Prayer For The Dying playlist

Album Lyrics: Whitesnake [2011]

David Coverdale
"Whitesnake [2011]"

1. Blindman playlist
2. Celebration playlist
3. Goldies Place playlist
4. Hole In The Sky playlist
5. Lady playlist
6. Peace Lovin' Man playlist
7. Sunny Days playlist
8. Time On My Side playlist
9. Whitesnake playlist

Album Lyrics: Northwinds [2000]

David Coverdale
"Northwinds [2000]"

1. Breakdown playlist
2. Give Me Kindness playlist
3. Keep On Giving Me Love playlist
4. Northwinds playlist
5. Queen Of Hearts playlist
6. Say You Love Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Into The Light

David Coverdale
"Into The Light"

1. Don't You Cry playlist
2. Love Is Blind playlist