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David Gray
Album Lyrics: White Ladder

David Gray
"White Ladder"

9. Sail Away playlist

Album Lyrics: A New Day At Midnight

David Gray
"A New Day At Midnight"

12. The Other Side playlist

Album Lyrics: Shine: Best Of The Early Years [2007]

David Gray
"Shine: Best Of The Early Years [2007]"

1. Shine playlist
2. A Century Ends playlist
3. Debauchery playlist
4. Wisdom playlist
5. Birds Without Wings playlist
6. The Light playlist
7. Coming Down playlist
8. Falling Free playlist
9. Lullaby playlist
10. Flesh playlist
11. Faster, Sooner, Now playlist
12. Late Night Radio playlist
13. Sell, Sell, Sell playlist
14. Hold On To Nothing playlist
15. Everytime playlist

Album Lyrics: A Century Ends [1993]

David Gray
"A Century Ends [1993]"

1. Let The Truth Sting playlist
2. Gathering Dust playlist
3. Lead Me Upstairs playlist
4. Living Room playlist
5. It's All Over playlist

Album Lyrics: A New Day At Midnight [2002]

David Gray
"A New Day At Midnight [2002]"

1. Dead In The Water playlist
2. Long Distance Call playlist
3. Freedom playlist
4. Kangaroo playlist
5. Last Boat To America playlist
6. Real Love playlist
7. Knowhere playlist
8. December playlist
9. Easy Way To Cry playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits, David Gray [2007]

David Gray
"Greatest Hits, David Gray [2007]"

1. Caroline playlist
2. Be Mine playlist
3. The Other Side playlist
4. You're the World to Me playlist
5. Babylon playlist
6. The One I Love playlist
7. Please Forgive Me playlist
8. Hospital Food playlist
9. This Year's Love playlist
10. Alibi playlist
11. Sail Away playlist
12. Flame Turns Blue playlist
13. Destroyer playlist

Album Lyrics: Draw the Line [2009]

David Gray
"Draw the Line [2009]"

1. Fugitive playlist
2. Draw The Line playlist
3. Nemesis playlist
4. Jackdaw playlist
5. Kathleen playlist
6. First Chance playlist
7. Harder playlist
8. Breathe playlist
9. Full Steam playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - David Gray

David Gray
"Other Songs - David Gray"

Album Lyrics: Flesh [1994]

David Gray
"Flesh [1994]"

1. What Are You? playlist
2. Made Up My Mind playlist
3. Mystery Of Love playlist
4. New Horizons playlist
5. Love's Old Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Foundling [2010]

David Gray
"Foundling [2010]"

1. Only the Wine playlist
2. Foundling playlist
3. Forgetting playlist
4. Gossamer Thread playlist
5. The Old Chair playlist
6. In God's Name playlist
7. We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight playlist
8. Holding On playlist
9. When I Was In Your Heart playlist
10. A New Day At Midnight playlist
11. Davey Jones' Locker playlist

Album Lyrics: Life In Slow Motion [2005]

David Gray
"Life In Slow Motion [2005]"

1. Lately playlist
2. Nos Da Cariad playlist
3. Slow Motion playlist
4. From Here You Can Almost See The Sea playlist
5. Ain't No Love playlist
6. Now And Always playlist
7. Disappearing World playlist

Album Lyrics: Lost Songs [2001]

David Gray
"Lost Songs [2001]"

1. Twilight playlist
2. Hold On playlist
3. As I'm Leaving playlist
4. If Your Love Is Real playlist
5. Tidal Wave playlist
6. Falling Down The Mountainside playlist
7. January Rain playlist
8. Red Moon playlist
9. Clean Pair Of Eyes playlist
10. Wurlitzer playlist

Album Lyrics: Sell Sell Sell [1996]

David Gray
"Sell Sell Sell [1996]"

1. Magdalena playlist
2. Smile playlist
3. Only The Lonely playlist
4. What Am I Doing Wrong? playlist
5. Gutters Full Of Rain playlist
6. Forever is Tomorrow Is Today playlist