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David Cook
Album Lyrics: American Idol Season 7 [2008]

David Cook
"American Idol Season 7 [2008]"

1. Happy Together playlist
2. All Right Now playlist
3. Hello playlist
4. Eleanor Rigby playlist
5. Day Tripper playlist
6. Billie Jean playlist
7. Little Sparrow playlist
8. Innocent playlist
9. Always Be My Baby playlist
10. The Music of the Night playlist
11. I'm Alive playlist
12. Hungry Like the Wolf playlist
13. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing playlist
14. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For playlist
15. Dream Big playlist
16. The World I Know playlist

Album Lyrics: Analog Heart [2006]

David Cook
"Analog Heart [2006]"

1. Straight Ahead playlist
2. Don't Say a Word playlist
3. Fall Back into Me playlist
4. The Truth playlist
5. Searchlights playlist
6. Porcelain playlist
7. Stitches playlist
8. Let Go playlist
9. Makeover playlist
10. Silver playlist

Album Lyrics: David Cook [2008]

David Cook
"David Cook [2008]"

1. Declaration playlist
2. Heroes playlist
3. Light On playlist
4. Come Back to Me playlist
5. Life on the Moon playlist
6. Bar-ba-sol playlist
7. Mr. Sensitive playlist
8. Lie playlist
9. I Did It for You playlist
10. Avalanche playlist
11. Permanent playlist
12. A Daily AntheM playlist
13. The Time of My Life playlist

Album Lyrics: This Loud Morning [2011]

David Cook
"This Loud Morning [2011]"

1. Circadian playlist
2. Right Here, With You playlist
3. We Believe playlist
4. Fade Into Me playlist
5. Hard To Believe playlist
6. Take Me As I Am playlist
7. Time Marches On playlist
8. The Last Goodbye playlist
9. Paper Heart playlist
10. Four Letter Word playlist
11. Goodbye To The Girl playlist
12. Rapid Eye Movement playlist
13. This Is Not The Last Time playlist
14. Let Me Fall For You playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - David Cook

David Cook
"Other Songs - David Cook"

1. A Kiss on the Neck playlist
2. Breathe Tonight playlist
3. Don't You (Forget about Me) playlist
4. Jumpin Jack Flash playlist
5. Laying Me Low playlist
6. My Last Request playlist
7. The Last Song I'll Write For You playlist