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Artist/Band: Iggy Pop
Lyrics for Song: I Felt The Luxury
Lyrics for Album: Avenue B [1999]

She sat on the pavement

As I pulled in the drive

Wearing leopard skin velvet

And shiny black eyes

"She looks like a sleeper"

Said my wife at the time

She had curls like Delilah

And a smile like the sun

She held my poor corpse

Like she'd never be done

And the caption in my mind said

"This is the one"

But I'm strong and I'm disciplined

And I avoided her for years

'Till one night, as usual

With my heart full of tears

A hand touched my back

And she was standing right there

Then I felt the luxury of her

I felt the luxury of her

I felt the luxury of her

I felt the luxury



Now I'll try hard to tell things just like they is

How my life was a desert before she came in

And wrecked it and ripped it and rubbed my nerves thin

How I liked to see her little feet pad around the house

The way she curled up quietly on the couch

I can still see her in my mind that way now

Aah I felt the luxury of her

I felt the luxury of her

I felt the luxury of her

Well time went by quickly

And her confidence grew

And she wanted this and that

And she wanted those too

And she wouldn't shut up

And one day I just blew up

Now she's in the hospital

For the second time

Maybe she'll die

Maybe I'll cry

Therapists would say

"You're in denial"

But love became inconvenient

Love became a literal drag

Very bad for business

I'd be better off a fag

She's a model de sport

That I can't afford

'Cause I'm a practical American

From the Middle-West

And I can piss on a grave

While welcoming guests

If cold's what I am

I'm cold 'till the end

And I felt the luxury of her

I felt the luxury of her

Now I'm gonna continue walking

In the modern world

Which justifies every egotistical perversion

With scientific talk

And new ways to walk

But I'll remember the religion

She became to me

And the other person I could have been

So for now I'll say so long

I gotta go do wrong

I gotta go do wrong

I felt the luxury

I felt the luxury

I felt the luxury

Aah, Luxury

Album Lyrics: Avenue B [1999]

Iggy Pop
"Avenue B [1999]"

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