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Artist/Band: Iggy Pop
Lyrics for Song: Til Wrong Feels Right
Lyrics for Album: Skull Ring [2003]

I took a punding

from the radio today

i heard the radio say

some peice of shit

was the sound of today

I took a beating

when i saw my tv play it

i saw my tv play it over and over

and there was no escape

the box is hollow

and that riff is fucking dead

and that riff is fucking dead

but the riff is pounding

in my fucking head

they're gonna push it

until false is true

until day is night

they're gonna push it baby

until wrong feels right

until wroooong feels riiiiight

its a big industry

and they can beat my brain

with houses cars and shame

they are insane

but they can beat my brain

god and his captains

they wanna pull a fucking plug

they wanna pull a fucking plug

and give the skys

back to the birds and bugs

Album Lyrics: Skull Ring [2003]

Iggy Pop
"Skull Ring [2003]"

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