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Artist/Band: Kamelot
Lyrics for Song: If Tomorrow Came
Lyrics for Album: Poetry For The Poisoned [2010]

I'm not sure

If she could ease your pain

You've been gone for awhile

Crushed you heart and soul

And teased your bane

Hush your mouth

Here she comes

Watch out

She can see you

Like the hounds of Hell

Smell your fear when you flee

Here she comes

Velvet ocean paradise

The power sorceress

At your fingertips

God made flesh

Perfect Alibi

You saw her walking

Over poison ivy leaves

Nobody knows her name

But something must have

Opened your eyes it seems

Cause nothing is quite the same

I'm not sure about a thing

You know

Days are long in the haze

Here she comes

Velvet ocean paradise

the power sorceress

Get a glimpse of God

Here she comes

With her good advice

You wanted every single moment

You've resigned

Knowing there's none to blame

You might as well

I swear on my life you tried

As if tomorrow came

Searching in the deepest forest

Merging with belief you saw her

All you've seen and all you've known

Tells you that she kept you warm

Album Lyrics: Poetry For The Poisoned [2010]

"Poetry For The Poisoned [2010]"

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