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Artist/Band: Queensryche
Lyrics for Song: Rhythm Of Hope
Lyrics for Album: The Art Of Live [2004]

Lying here awake again.

Minutes before dawn I hear your breathing,

your heart beat like a song.

Lately I've been feeling a little less then good but

seeing things for the first time like I never could.

I've had my head down against the door,

trying to get to something I couldn't find before.

That special something, that feeds my soul,

is a rhythm to live by, it's a rhythm of hope.

Something drives us onwards.

Something gives us strength.

What makes our judgment falter is the questions we think.

Who am I to fly so high?

What gives me the right to dream of what could be,

keep reaching for the light?

I've been standing in front of that door,

basing my happiness on what' I knew before.

Searching for something that moves my soul.

A rhythm to hold to, a rhythm to live to.

Have you been down like this before?

I guarantee there's something waiting for you just open that door.

A rhythm to live by, that moves your soul.

A rhythm that holds you.

A rhythm to live to.

And if there's one thing we all need now,

it's a rhythm to live by, a rhythm of hope.

Lying here awake again

Album Lyrics: The Art Of Live [2004]

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