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Artist/Band: Uriah Heep
Lyrics for Song: Woman of The World
Lyrics for Album: You Can't Keep A Good Band Down: The Miniatures [2002]

Did you ever meet

The kind of a lady

She lives her whole life

Saying maybe

Running here and there

As she pleases

Not a thought

For the social diseases

Though she never

Thinks of settling down

She'll spend time

Turning your head around

But don't let your heart start dancing

The lady don't

Waste no time romancing

Are you mine or are you

The woman of the world

Are you really so different

From all the other girls

Do you care that I care

About the things that you do

Does anything matter to you

Does anything matter to you

Once in a garden of glory

Someone sowed

The seeds of this story

And the whole thing began

With a woman and a man

Still it's something

No one understands

Album Lyrics: You Can't Keep A Good Band Down: The Miniatures [2002]

Uriah Heep
"You Can't Keep A Good Band Down: The Miniatures [2002]"

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