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[ More Wedding Crashers Soundtrack lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Wedding Crashers Soundtrack
Lyrics for Song: Cinnamon [The Long Winters]
Lyrics for Album: Wedding Crashers [Soundtrack] [2005]

Sun through the curtains,

I gave you a sign,

The birds were all quiet,

You were so quiet,

Some hear a call,

Some are the messengers,

I thumb through the pictures,

and know them all

They said, "Do you remember when you saw her last"

I said, "Her skin is cinnamon, her skin is cinnamon"

I have too many stories, keeping it serious,

Some are collectores, some keep it straight,

It was a hospital,

I was delirious,

I clung to the stretcher

and drew them a heart

Two gondolas to carry us,

Grand Via was hillarious,

St. Paul was there to marry us,

We lied, "We're already married!"

'Cuz here's proof: we have suntans,

And I spoke up with my new hands,

Listen to my car,

What is it telling us?

Start...please start..please start

Is it spring where you are?

I waited all winter

chasing the lamp cords back to the wall,

It's a plausable scenario:

I clung the the stretcher,

I drew them a heart

Album Lyrics: Wedding Crashers [Soundtrack] [2005]

Wedding Crashers Soundtrack
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