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[ More Waka Flocka Flame lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Waka Flocka Flame
Lyrics for Song: Ttg
Lyrics for Album: Flockavelli [2010]


All my nigga TTG they trained to go shawty

kick a door shawty

lay out on da floor shawty

Trained to go shawty I'm all about that fuckin' bread

rock so many niggas i got a ticket on my head [x2]

[verse 1]

new boy on tha block, so you know my pants be jerkin'

you got weed, sulphur, pills, fucker is you workin'?

bank account hurtin' so you know a nigga robbin'

dont wanna jump into school so whats the option

lay that nigga down, AK or that 40 round

pills and weed got me higher than Bobby Brown

TTG hoe, trained to go hoe

lay out on the floor and bring to the go hoe

[verse 2]

All my niggas CNC they trained to go shawty (go shawty)

I got a O 40, more like full bodies on it

twerk, puttin' niggas in the dirt

enimies necessary make her work

1-10 i got that twerk, twerk, twerk

35 for his shirt, if you need a nigga hit me on tha chirp

you know i got that dope shawty, go shawty

i got that pimpin, got them bitches on it

go shawty, go shawty

imma shot like chris paula


[YG Hootie verse 3]

Bitch we hit a leak

find me when you found me

I aint been to school, grindin with my tommies

full found my body, thats my bitch nigga (nigga)

thats from west side bank, thats my blick nigga

me and flockaveli, bitch im sellin like im ?

they be by my celly, flip them bitches off my telly

trained to go nigga, high robbin nigga

straight traggin nigga, thats yo ass nigga

[verse 4]

what they know about me

all black mast and a all black tee

all black bitch in the black RV

out in the A with waka flocka

? with the waka flocka

20 all out tell them waka flocka

flag on the right thats sue you bitch

talk about fucker what you did

g-o-e i run this shit


Album Lyrics: Flockavelli [2010]

Waka Flocka Flame
"Flockavelli [2010]"

1. Bustin' At Em
2. Hard N Da Paint
3. Ttg
4. Bang
5. No Hands
6. Bricksquad
7. Fuck The Club Up
8. Homies
9. Grove St. Party
10. Lets Do It
11. Karma
12. Live By The Gun
13. For My Dawgs
14. G Check
15. Snake In The Grass
16. Smoke, Drank
17. Fuck This Industry