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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Friday
Lyrics for Album: Immobilarity [1999]

Friday nigga

What's the word?

You got something for me

I'ma see you in 2 seconds

Right, yo pull my Rover on the side

Right there man police coming man

Heard me

Yo up in the game on 4 in the morning

And it's storming and we blitzed

Just rocked another wig yeah we on it

God had blood on his sweat pants

The way the tech dance

On a nigga face

Son ain't have a chance

Seen him high pitch yellow nigga

From outta town a young mellow ally

Trying to run through

Hell and song called the dogs to get on him

When we caught him the only famous nigga

Was a Lord in his forum

Bum nigga fresh out of jail

I used to play baseball with him

'Til he got large son bought a whale

As you're by the entrance

Guess it's real nigga night out

He moving on his own negligence

Yo Lexxy strap up meet you in the back

In the Acura spectacular big key stackeler

Seen a nigga gymed down fresh haircut

Trying to swim now

Aqua green Avias on brim style wild

We walked by eyeing 'em

Shorty ain't looked

He trying to get fly

My niggas ain't dived on him

Kase had the Mack in the vest

The way he moving might be dressed

He made two rights nigga move left

Standing by the incinerator

Thank God he your generator

I can tell bought his lady suade gators

Yo now it's time to move

Spit nozzles on the tools

Might just bust him quiet style rules

He walked out the crib yup drinked

We on the elevator base

Staring at the nigga chains shake

We looked at him seen all crooked

The we flashed on him

He knew we was live

My man Boo stashed on him

Pulled out take off the wool

Nigga cool out

Walk you out the bulding

Betta run nigga move out

This nigga liver than fuck

Larger than fuck betta kill me

All y'all niggas is butt

What spray it up

Took the chains in case

Shot him at point blank range

He started screaming like a cave man

Blood got a salty taste

I can tell furniture fell out his place

Laced now it's a case

Threw up vomit on my Kobe

Snatched all his ice now

Chrome teeth boating of a loan key

Didn't know the kid was large

Hour later call from jail

Mexicans surrounding the Gods

Chill you bigga than the ocean

Slow motion play it off no emotion

But my man in there grossing

What to do they might kill him

We might kill you circulate death

That's how the real do

We sat there 3 live macks of the year

Crack beers one nigga in the back

Washing off his trackers

Don't take it serious

Vivid flow luxurious

I'm hearing this'll

Make a real nigga curious

Friday, my day chill pop

Leave 'em on the highway

Betty won't never fly my way

Album Lyrics: Immobilarity [1999]

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