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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Ason Jones
Lyrics for Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II [2009]

Word, I miss you, I miss the God

Word... a powerful brother, man, he was live

He was a powerful general, the smell from his breath was Ballantine

I think it was the year '89

He stayed the freshest, Polo boots, wallies with them colorful low gooses

Coming from Medina, we boost

We up in A&S, slipping and dipping to Bedstuy

Native, he used to beatbox, thousands'll listen

Yo, that's before, the Wu got on, him and Allah Just'

And RZA, came to the Island one morn'

A nigga could dance to slow music, outdrink any nigga

On the benches, while we hitting reefer, he sold loosies

Five foot seven, a legend was born, Russell 'Ason" Jones

I know him for his braids and lessons

A wise man with knowledge 120, kept a flag on his chest

A right hand, you quick, serving you Remy

Yo, let's toast to the fallen, lost forgotten

Aiyo, if niggas could hear me, then roll up some broccoli

Ason, the heart of a lion, a purified mind

The way he did it, with a mic and some wine

I would never forget the days we used to sit back

Days I be all up in the crib, listening, holding, align him and yo

I just miss this nigga

And now I understand the meaning of love, when I kissed the nigga

My name is Ol' Dirty Bastard, youknowhatimsayin?

I don't hide nothing back, I barely, I mean, I come from a family, man

Of poor welfare, youknowhatimsaying?

When I came out my mother's womb I was on welfare, youknowhatimsayin?

So so so it's like, you got to keep it real, nahwhatimean?

He had a heart of gold, intelligent soul from day one

Loud as the ferry, best friend was momma Cherry

Sweet lady, BK baby, she taught Dirty

How to cook, clean, singing the songs, say the

Old school dances and O.E., Ballantine, the wine

We sip, while we sat with the O.G.'s

Knowledge of self, good health

The fortunes that came with the game, had my brother insane

It's like wealth ain't enough to live for

But if you got love in your heart, just believe in yourself

That was the black man rap, baby Jesus in the black Land'

Few jewelry pieces with his gold fangs, his fam

(Brooklyn Zu) you know my brother was I'll

The first dude to say, "Yo, keep it real"

Yeah, the lover, the father, the hustler, the rap professor

Now he with Allah, that's a blessing

See, it's like, ok, where I come from

In my neighborhood, my people know me

Youknowhatimsaying? See, if I try to come any different

They ain't gon' respect me no more

Youknowhatimsaying? Because they - you know people

Got their thing about themselves, you know

If you come from the neighborhood, youknowhatimsaying

You couldn't, you couldn't get out the neighborhood

But you could never take the neighborhood out of the people

Youknowhatimsaying, but if you try to like jump and crossover

To the other side, people understand that, and they don't like that

That's why they don't be buying people music

See, we keeps it real, and we always gon' keep it real

You can't knock what's real, youknowhatimsaying? We telling the truth, man

Album Lyrics: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II [2009]

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