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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: About Me
Lyrics for Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II [2009]

[Intro: Busta Rhymes (Raekwon)]

Aiyo, Shallah, what up? (Yeah, you know how we do it)

(Turn me up, kid, let's get it popping)

Crazy, let's go get 'em killa (Yo Dre, good looking on this coke, man)

(This shit is official)


Aiyo, it's back to business, making them diskettes, pushing sixes

Rocking wild animals on jackets are sickening

Hear me? From here to Rockaway to Cali, we flipped this

Broad day, Chef'll saute, his lyrics is crispy

Now I got Dre up in the kitchen, Rae stuck in position

Bout to flame broil his coke and get busy

What? Politics, pop collars and drive violent whips

Stay fly, hungry and wise, you know the code, honor it

Sit back, yelling it's nothing, unless his buttons get pressed

We don't stress nothing, we only get dressed

Stretched out, moving professional, frying more fish

I heard it in slurs, them niggas is blessed

While we ball to the maximum, give me the floor, for real

I show off and let my money get stretched

Take it to a new level, new bezzle, few rebels

Few wolves with medals on, you know we get test

[Chorus: Raekwon (Busta Rhymes)]

Me, nigga, me, that's who, Cash Rule

(Hah, better slow it down, niggas'll smash you, homey, uh)

Me, nigga, me, pass through, rascals

(Hah, half gorilla, half ape in them track suits, black, come on)

Me, nigga, me, capsules, birds, whips

Ounces and fifths (no licking the glass, duke, yeah)

Yeah, yea-yea-yeah, yea-yea-yeah, yeah (yeah)

I'm here, so it's there, yea-yea-yea-yeah, yeah

[Busta Rhymes:]

Here comes the, a lethal presentation taking you places you never been

Deadlier than the combination of coke and heroin

I see the weakness in most of you niggas that be hollering

So I toned it down, so these words be piercing your lower obdomen

What I meant to say abdomen, keep on listening and following

While I'm ditecting a German, hateful niggas, chicks be swallowing

And if you look funny to me, and there's a problem then

I put you under an ultraviolet light or a halogen

As if I was busy deciphering counterfeit dollars and

Hoes in like some kind of Biblical figure, King Solomon

Hah, just for the record, what we do is essential

While I captivate the masses and keep the moments eventful

Doc Dre, Bust, Shallah Rae, see the vision?

Most you niggas still in disbelief, just came into fruition now

Pop the cork up off this bottle and you pour it

So euphoric, document this moment, shit is so historic



King of kings spit blood, all on my apron

Wash a nigga face with the mack, smoke 'em like Steak-umm's

Yeah my dynasty's brolic for real, we hunt E, catch the rat

Blow his waist, float in the stream

You know we all-pro with it, anti auto-tune

Boom, my flow fire, sit by the stove, hit it

Real niggas, official as listeners, gangstas and visitors

Step in the shit, we all prisoners

Might take the hammer from you, know I'm the animal

Rock a spur fur hat, no niggas in sandals, boo

Everyday get money and dress rugged, these are the times

Keep a nine on you, blow off in public

And I will surely feed my niggas the streets

Cop the hottest things to get, and haters they can eat and then preach

And while it go down, worldwide, this the team, this the theme

Me, Dre, Rhymes, my money makers is mean, what?


Album Lyrics: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II [2009]

"Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II [2009]"

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