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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Walk Wit Me
Lyrics for Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II [2009]

Chill 'fore you break your nose, man

What up, what up, king (yo what's going on?)

(Yo, oh, who the fuck is this?)

(Yo, walk this bitch outta here, man)

(Her hands is all white and shit, looking all crazy)

Fingerprints all over the refrigerator

Yo, girl, chill chill, come on, man

Just give me papi number, man, for real, man, you playing

I'm on the crisp blue yacht, with my hand on the twat

With a Commodore CD, a bottle of stock

On a green rug, GG's on it, a mean snub

Bad little Asian, named Asia, my love

Had connects, plus fame favorite flick, Black Rain

Pinky finger rocked up, giving me brain

Like Grizelda's little flame, ran with her for forty months

Came home, her estate was insane

Vuitton toilet paper, Polo walls, Jimmy Choo

Pots and pans, this broad had a horse

Cash it in, yo, Masta, live with me, take it all

You can have whatever, five hundred leathers

Bruno Mag' sweaters, Gucci rain boots

Brook Brothers, New Eras, jew killers

New line sponsored by fellas, catch 'em in the hall balling

I thought about it, whatever

(Walk with me) Relax and get your facts right

(Walk with me) You know we only getting cash in the fast life

(Walk with me) Living, giving my all, I give it back, right

(Walk with me) We die, we die together, this the last night

CNN watching, ESPN friend

Coat shopping, lochness, smothered up, god damn

Boo living it good, Aspen, the color of wood

On the outside, vibe is good

Knowing I'm hood, I should, escape project life

Run with my rifle, live in the woods

Grow a rugged beard, and chill, poppa real

Poppa eat, poppa a rolling stone, for real

This the deal, chill, this how we live in the Hill

Kill a nigga for me, kill or be killed

Share that money and still, when it's time to reveal

You never met me, but respect me, you will

Dinosaur wheels we peel, skated with the fly seals

She broke out, died in Brazil

Met her younger cousin Nil', you looking for birds, right?

Yeah, my cousin said you real, you gotta

Oh shit, gold slagger in the gold dagger in a gold Acura

A gold Phantom pulled up, yo, go backwards

They had a package on 'em, hold half a bit, it's half rough

But still, I got me forty traffickers

Riding through Manhattan tough, got my mavericks up

We on, rolling thirty deep in the gadget trucks

Spending magic bucks, fuck around, get an Aston truck

Fly around, fucking actress sluts

We been clashing with the masses, what

Put the gasses up, flame 'em out his lab, splash him up

That's how we get it on, that's what's up

Don't ever wrassle us, you might get shackled in your castle, what

Play with the boys, that's the stuff

I'm talking bout, niggas they die, faster than a pastor fuck

Seeing 'em mourn me, flash a buck

Pull a bulb out, like Con Ed, keep it on a massive hush

Come on, man, word up, let 'em talk

Put this bag out, and after that, take it to heed

Man, I see you in a minute, chill

You got to lay on the other side of the fucking wall for you

Word up, this the nigga face, man, I only got four million, man

Straight up, last thing I heard, the nigga grandmother was in Argentina

I want her too, for real, for real, we ain't playing no games, man

The nigga like to shop and floor shine

He stay on 44th, catch the nigga by Delancey, too

For real, I got his baby pictures and everything

Word up, his cousin, his cousin is a security guard at Barnes/Nobles

For real, his little nephew, his little nephew work in the

Muthafucking fish store

Up in, 138th and Harlem, man...

This all the money for today, man

A lot of paper came in today, a lot of Franklins

Bring the other bag, son, yeah, hold it, huh

Toaster head nigga, get the fuck off of me

Album Lyrics: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II [2009]

"Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II [2009]"

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