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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Crane Style
Lyrics for Album: Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang [2011]

Feat. Busta Rhymes

Red skin leather, indian sex,

pear fresh max on lightning lay on my flesh

let my arm move, fresh off the animo

planting bottles of crew, all niggers do what I got them for

extra flashy grind hit them with the Chris ,

blonds is nothing blunt out fuck them

all we know a jury and I'm ask that

everybody excited to see what , bling gonna smash that clever

more like a fox and an ox together

two stones is blocks rocks and a feather

yeah, I'm from the ...shoot at anything that move and move out America

and all we ever want is needed

seen it like a young fillipino or , getting treated

heavy horror armor spike , half a pound of go weed that float through the ,

brilliant master, 16 chapel and an apple

flooded up war , park helions getting aliens

that means millions... hold your feet like ,

I got them

He'd seek a missile spit don't need to try and hide

Swizzle through your skin bars call me , bitch,

try me if you want homie, violations and no no

I am a hell , is gonna go poisonous logo

At least the dragon ...could of seen them spit and

burn a hole through the speaker and start melting the street up

Somebody please call the fire department,

and I'm a strong believer ya all know that I'm not the one to start with

Cause once the fuses let me strike imagine the sparks smell

My fangs bleeding with , black ox tail

ya I see what's happening ya I know what the truth of

somebody please ask , why he making me do this

cause once I finish do this fortunate with them gappers

don't want me to trash, they ain't know the , for rappers

I'm microphone controller to cover dominant effect

that the , personally request the pester, gone.

Thanks to Andrei

Album Lyrics: Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang [2011]

"Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang [2011]"

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