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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Rock N Roll
Lyrics for Album: Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang [2011]

[Chorus - Kobe]

Hey little mama, little mama, I got some of that Bon Jovi

You know me

Have you flying in the air like you living on the pent house

We on the corner serving that rock 'n' roll, rock 'n' roll, rock 'n' roll

Posted on the corner with that rock 'n' roll, rock 'n' roll

[Verse 1 - Raekwon]

Willy Nelson nigga, you run flush, the crocodile hat

Cowboy rap, hammer game trustee

Diamonds on from Ghana, Boca Ratona, yeah

With the middle name Lex, pop my llama

Movies get made in HD, Mick and Jay they so three

I'm a Scarface to scrape me

There's nothing you could do to my real niggas

Not the ones I rest my head with, my sons'll milk a piranha

Two wheel scooters, the new Rugers

Floating through the Beverly summer

Counting ten with my shooter

All of these is high power, bard dealing style my nigga

Posted up, then fronting to Mr. Child

Titanium hustler, switch color

Most of them rich brothers'll hold they own

Fuck it, and switch numbers

Loved just the real shit, who killed shit?

Niggas is nothing, blow a blunt, repeal shit


[Bridge - Kobe]

Hey little mama, have you ever took a hit of Mick Jagger?

Yeah, better we'll blast you

Now take a hit of this rock 'n' roll, rock 'n' roll, rock 'n' roll

It's some powerful shit

[Verse 2 - Ghostface Killah]

Everything platinum, even my baggage

You want a platinum rock? Then go see Ladin

He got the yellow hat, yellow Max Airs

Looking like me, with a yellow back, pretty long hair

Suck a dick like a rich stepping

Or Bobby Brown on speed dial, his ex girl stay on the check

I got that Mickey baby!

Little mama, I got the bomb, call me Tom Brady!

Move like a running back, 21 Tomlinson

Know how to push a pack, you should pay homage

Shit is too old, nigga feel like rhyming it

Get black, white, Mexicans

Make me fly like Donovan

Pop the champagne for the illest hustler in the game

I got the Pink Floyd, Ozzy all day

I ain't even mention my deals nigga

Because I don't want to have you freaked out over this real shit



[Verse 3 - Jim Jones]

Rockstar like the Red Hot Chili Peppers

I can't front because Roy Drop got me feeling extra

I drop the top so I can show style

I got the sours on Rolling Stone

I'm dropping shit on my mobile phone

I never slip because I keep a fully loaded chrome

And half my niggas even stay at that

Before we pour liquor for the 'grateful dead'

And where I'm from it's even Guns 'N' Roses

And fuck with me you need a bunch of roses

And Lord knows I keep the Led Zeppelin

A nigga front and then we bag wrestle

And you can tell them bitches feel at ease

We got that white girl, nigga Cheryl E

Diplomats, we the eagles

We finna be grated into Beetles



Album Lyrics: Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang [2011]

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