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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Big Spender
Lyrics for Album: Vol. 1-The Vatican [2006]

"Hey big spender! "

Yo, let the slugs fly, thug status, still camera shy

Elevate to get money and still scramble lah

Get drunk, start wildin', old young niggas with talent

Gold on me and my ho's look violent

Live bitches, five sixes, flick it up, flyin' pictures

More flips now, niggas is dipped different

Renegades, Escalades, all fly ladies in shades

Get the best of me, bless me on stage

Drop your jerseys all year round, I'm here now

Merlot in a glass, smoke a hundred bad, pop you with a pair of pounds

Toss money, no laws, pop you with a pair of pounds

Sauce money, no loss, pop you with a pair of pounds

Own towns, niggas is grown now, we got it sown now

Jumpin' out the whip, gunnin' a four now

Yo, extra careful, when we home, now

It's like a ghost town, the Narc's got the shit sowed down, come on

Spit it for my niggas that's locked up

Six hundred Benz, kid, rocked up

Up in the club, close the bar when we popped up

Got a forty cal' thirty shot glock up

And I'm warning ya'll shit about to pop off

Shorties in the club, take ya tops off

Yo, it's an art to rhyming

Ya'll niggas can crush a stone, try crushin' a Diamond

Yo, it' the great adventures of Lex, checks on me Air Force vet's

Yo, supply the whole hood with the wet

I love money, pa, spend that kid, yeah, it's the 600 Benz cat

Rimmed up, bout to bring the brims back

Terri cloth, Rudolph joints, valor pockets, Mr. G-Off

D or Cavalier robes, we see ya'll

Cash that'll put 'em order, you little fishes

Ain't big enough for Icewater, paralyze the right corner

Staten Island assailant, call Malinari now

Hand him that, we about to take sons cabinet

Chef got it genuine style, pink verizen with the great logic

Hands is like the Ali project

Wolves of Shaolin, we look good hooded up

One tough challenge, rough 'em up, bring out his raw talents

Money maker, send them to us

Remember the symbol, the Gods got the paper, now you with us, let's go

Aiyo, speak up, we up, villains in the beat truck

Unique luck, leafed up, playin' in the suite, feet up

Come here, boo, just feel it, locked down, niggas can hear it

Blazin' in PJ's, it's time, let the I'll reveal it, yo

Wall to wall jump off's, fly shorty, live sneakers and speakers

Makin' sure the vibe ain't corny, yo

Scarface kids, kings only

Jail heads know me, Chef got it locked, my block

We got more to rag you with, black, come through, kid

Park Hill Projects, send him through, mashin' it, step

No Hollywood, yeah dear, more paper, more acres

To sell on, we all got it fresh, from raw tapes

The kid that traveled the world

All this came from the lobby, I took it to Japan from curbs

Yo, swindlers transformin' to ninjas, injure anything

Remember all my mans, is when we spendin', we the...

Ha ha, ha ha, yeah

Word up, yeah, we back

It's on, word up...

Album Lyrics: Vol. 1-The Vatican [2006]

"Vol. 1-The Vatican [2006]"

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