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Artist/Band: Cher
Lyrics for Song: Paradise is here
Lyrics for Album: It's a Man's world

You say you want to live some
Move out into the fast lane
You say you need excitement
To make you come alive

Some place a million miles from
The shadows that surround you
I look for your attention
You're lost out in the future

Where lovers ask no questions
And shadows never fall
Some pilgrim bound for paradise
No compromise
Paradise is here

It's time to stop your crying
The future is this moment
And not some place out there
Tonight I need your love
Don't talk about tomorrow
Right now I need your loving
Right now give it to me
Right now I want your loving
Right now- now, now, now

You talk about your new plans
To move up on the stairway
Your dream about the high life
That's waiting for you there

A world of fame and fortune
That's just around the corner
But I don't need no high life
To make me feel a real man
And I don't need to reach for
No castles in the sky
Just put your arms around me
Devour me
'Cos paradise is here


Tonight I need Your loving
Paradise is here

Album Lyrics: It's a Man's world

"It's a Man's world"

1. Walking In Memphis
2. Not enough love in the world
3. One By One
4. I wouldn't treat a dog (the way you treated me)
5. Angels Running
6. Paradise is here
7. I'm Blowin' Away
8. Don't come around here tonight
9. What about the moonlight
10. Same mistake
11. Gunman
12. The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
13. Shape of things to come
14. It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World