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Artist/Band: The Cars
Lyrics for Song: Everything You Say
Lyrics for Album: Door To Door [1987]

they can't stop you in the night

twirling wildly in the light

but i know honey it won't take long

feels like it's one on one on one

there must have been a dream in you

stick and fall and follow through

but i know honey it won't take long

feels like it's much too strong too strong

but then you tell me that you can't go on

and you think you're losing sight

don't you worry

you can't go wrong inside

everything you say

leaves me full of shine

everything you say

crosses up my mind

that's everything you say

you could twist a little while

lie there fallin for a smile

but i know honey you won't give in

feels like when you begin you're in

then you tell me that you can't resist

something happens that you like

you want to know

that you've been kissed goodnight

when you know it's not for real

i know honey for one long time

it feels like you're endlessly entwined

but i know it's what you did

you can't be in a broken binge

take my heart is only tin

Album Lyrics: Door To Door [1987]

The Cars
"Door To Door [1987]"

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