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Artist/Band: Rick Nelson
Lyrics for Song: One Night Stand
Lyrics for Album: The Last Time Around 1970 - 1982 [2010]

(D. Larden)

Heard the call and I packed it all

And I'm on the road again

If you can help to ease my load

I will be your friend.

But the morning brings the sunlight

And the sunshine brings my train

So I say goodbye to NewYork

I'm an L.A. man again.

One night stand in New York City

Lights are bright and the girls are pretty

Held her heart and I held her hand

Goodbye lady, I'm a one night stand

Oklahoma, Arizona, I wish I knew for sure

Came to town and I held my ground

That's what I came here for

But there's voices in the distance

And they're calling me back home

Guess my fate is not my own.

Gypsy queens and magazines, livin' off the land

Don't make ties and don't tell lies

Do the best you can

But of every place I've been to

And of everything I've seen

I feel lonesome amongst strangers

I feel naked without string.

One night stand in New York City

Lights are bright and the girls are pretty

Held her heart and I held her hand

Goodbye lady, I'm a one night stand.

Goodbye lady, I'm a one night stand...

Album Lyrics: The Last Time Around 1970 - 1982 [2010]

Rick Nelson
"The Last Time Around 1970 - 1982 [2010]"

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