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Artist/Band: Indigo Girls
Lyrics for Song: True Romantic
Lyrics for Album: Poseidon and the Bitter Bug [2009]

Baby, I've got the best intentions

I just can't do it

Baby, I've got the truest day

But I just can't win

Baby, I've got a good vibration

But I just can't play it

Baby, I spent my only fortune

On the wages of sin

But you, you gotta be extra forgiving

And you gotta be

Super strong

You gotta be

A true romantic

I want you to look the other way

Everything goes wrong

Baby, if you took all the good stuff and you put it all together

And you took all the bad stuff and you threw it all away

Would I still be the girl that suits your fancy

Would I still be the boy that rocks your world


If you get lonely

Trouble on the chaos

If you get bored

Since you walked away

Remember what I told you

When the night was darkest

You can leave me all you need to

Baby I'm here to stay

Baby, I'm gonna be extra forgiving

And I'm gonna be super strong

Cuz baby, I...

I'm a true romantic

I'm gonna look the other way

When everything goes wrong


Album Lyrics: Poseidon and the Bitter Bug [2009]

Indigo Girls
"Poseidon and the Bitter Bug [2009]"

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