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Artist/Band: Cher
Lyrics for Song: All Or Nothing
Lyrics for Album: The Very Best Of Cher [2003]

I've been standing out in the rain

I've been calling your name

Got that lonely feeling again

calling out your name

Do you hear me? Do you want me?

Baby it's all or nothing now

I don't wanna run and I cant walk out

you're breaking my heart if you leave me now

don't wanna wait for ever

Who do you think you're fooling

Who do you think you're fooling

Baby it's all or nothing,

baby it's all or nothing now

I've been trying to get to your heart

but I'm chasing shadows

We keep falling further apart

so near and you're so far

Do you care now? Do you know how?

Album Lyrics: The Very Best Of Cher [2003]

"The Very Best Of Cher [2003]"

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