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Artist/Band: Weezer
Lyrics for Song: My Brain
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Weezer

My brain is working overtime

I need something to ease my mind

'Cause as my thoughts go manic

I really start to panic

There's no place to hind behing

I'm freaking and hallucinating

Going last when I should wait

My parents think I'm crazy

But damn I'm going crazy

I can't help my mental state


Oh, I might [he's tripping]

Take things out [and slipping]

Take these brains out of my way

I work into a frenzied fit

I bite the corners of my lip

I'm losing my [???]

My pants don't even fit right

Take away the the [???]

Give me something for my hair

A fresher pair of underwear

As if I was a no one

I am [???]

I just want it, I don't care


Oh, I might [he's tripping]

Take things out [and slipping]

Take these brains out of my way

I tell the world to [???]

It's you who decides what sick or healthy

And all the people I see

That's making lots of Benji's

Make me want to [???] myslef

Start a brand new fashion trend

Those are for the deeper end





Oh, I might [he's tripping]

Take things out [and slipping[

Take these brains out of my way

I don't care

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Weezer

"Other Songs - Weezer"

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36. Lullaby For Wayne
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94. Gone To Stay
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