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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Dart Throwing
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Raekwon

Let's get it on Kokomo

John John Blazeini, Donna J-Bird, yeah

Another Persian legacy

The Iron Lung

Yo yeah, yeah, yo, yo

Dart throwing, yo aimin' at your nostril

Aeropostle sword rockin' halibut steak we choppin'

Mili-tia, eight to nine generals at one time

Fine we blend wine, go beyond one line

Spot the snakeskin', Dunn was scaly

Chopped his head off frilly, sit back, crack the Bailey's

Wetter than white milk, grab the quilt that's the heater

My nigga drop losses, strike like Adidas

This shit is deep, the Grant's still burnin'

The long time earnin', just got snatched by more Germans

Europeans are seein' me bleedin', jet off in

The Lex skiin', goggles, Louis Rich Sweden

I dig my life experiences, wrap it up in twelve inches

Keepin' my defenses put it up in raw trenches

Holdin' court on the park benches in the ghetto servin' life sentence

Mass confusion in New York, on these city sidewalks

Busy sidewalks, there's no snoozin'

Stop actin' like it's me losin, peep my modern day

Pompeii on city streets, the sun pack heat in Hell's Kitchen

Time to get money finger itchin' once again plot thicken

And you succumb to the will of the slum bite your tongue

Burn a bush with the Iron Lung

Pay dirt to no one guilty by association, stank bitch

Wanna give me some, nappy nasty, I pass

Let them players flash, and trick on they cash

On your funky ass I only buy shit that last a lifetime I write rhyme

Chippin' through the pipeline then it's flight time

That's when I'm jetty in a fifty-seven Chevy

Gassed on my own Getti, head heavy, with deadly medleys

I opened up my rap bible, then the light came over the children

As it began to rain I started buildin', spoke many times before

But didn't score, my reading was poor

Injected with the Devil's English, I extinguish and approach all Hominy's

Shit in your brain, wipe my ass with the phenomenon's

Be holy or get shot down with the Moet-o, kid encyclopedia

Left y'all petrol, my dance hall stand off rap like Peter Metro

Echo echo, what beware my psycho, limw piece tech-o leg go

Uniform flow, stay strong black my shit is real peace out bro

Your brain wipe my ass with the phenomenon's

Be holy or get shot down with the Moet-o, kid encyclopedia

Eyes as diamonds, time again

Motherfuckers wanna battle with the bat or pen

Give it to 'em raw, give it to 'em raw

Down to the fuckin floor, up to the roof with the proof

Meth-Tical mad, goddamn!

Hahahaha, right motherfuckers

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Raekwon

"Other Songs - Raekwon"

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