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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Give Up Your Guns
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Raekwon

[Intro Sample]When I woke up this morning

I found myself alone

I turned to touch her hair

And she was gone, she was gone

And there beside my pillow

Were her tears from the night before

She said give up your guns and face the law

I robbed a bank in Tampa

And I thought I had it made

But the hounds picked up my trail within the glades

So I ran

And I stumbled on this cabin

And she came to me to me once more

She said give up your guns

She said give up your guns

She said give up your guns

And face the law

[Royce Da 5'9"]This is a stick up, stick up

Pistols will lift up, lift up

If you don't get up, get up

Your hands

Kwe tell 'em

[Talib Kweli]Sucome to the violence

And we get numb and get silent

Get my gun into firing

I'm never runnin' or hidin'


Verse One [Royce Da 5'9"]

About a hundred any minute bullets runnin' from the guns

In front of any one of y'all youngins

We ain't trippin in the winter

Still killin' spring chickens

We ain't slippin, we ain't sittin'

You ain't listen this is me

Bitch this Is Nickel bitch

I'm G

With my nigga Kweli

Get back gettin' stacks since 03'

No strings yo swing wack

Spittin' crack makin' tracks

Like a dope fiend oh

Me and my team hot

Dream team I done seen

Obscene fiends seein'

Nigga whole backdrop

Like a green screen stuck before its cream

So they stuck him up in Sing Sing

I know what you mean dog

I been caught between walls

I don't kill (I'm the boss)

I just make Scream calls

I don't aim I don't give a speech in the streets

Like I'm livin' in the movie

I just let the thing off

Hittin' up my funds while I'm rippin up the slums

With the only pistol left

Cause they givin up they



And now I'm in this cabin where my own true love should be

Instead there lies a note she wrote to me

And it said: though you can't live by the bullet

But you sure as dead can die

My love give up your guns or say goodbye


And the sheriff now is calling with a shotgun at my door


Give up your guns

And face the law

[Royce Da 5'9"]This is a stick up, stick up

Pistols will lift up, lift up

If you don't get up, get up

Your hands

Kwe tell 'em

[Talib Kweli]Come to the violence

And we get numb to get silent

Get my gun into firing

I'm never runnin' or hidin'


[Verse Two: Talib Kweli]Hell naw my niggas don't make speeches

Cause we ain't no fake preachers

Or follow fake teachers

Soon as the state releases

You from the bank

You not a citizen

You quickly learn the difference

Between rights and privileges

Nothin' like Deliverence

Remember when Sai got shot?

Yo it was winter he layed on the ice shiverin'

Comfortably numb

He was killed for being hungry and young

Violently is how the company run

They dump in the slum

See the flashing lights and the gun

At the end of the tunnel no rebuttal to run

The blood is the sum of the equation

When you add up the factors

The splatters attractive

Life don't matter to rappers

So we glorify and glamorize

Talk about our plans to die

And learn to always stay inside the motherfuckin' camera's eye

Get my good side, murder is so sexy

But the hood cried every time one of us would die

[Verse Three: Raekwon]Give up my guns never you crazy?

I'm all blazey

All 80 fly out

Put you right out lets try it out

Save the babies

Bressed to impress

Blow a hole in your vest

With suitcase money I roll up the stretch

High powered 9's Mausbergs

Squeeze faster than new V's

Fresh new bags of bullets or bean

Got my paper poppin' and plottin'

I blow a hole right through your stocking

Come out your back and scratch up your lockin'

We real killas and don dons

Pop through the vagabond tons

Boulevards where niggas will pull a card

Wrong songs don't play me lady killas

Baby guerrillas with hate feelings

That'll spray up the ceilings

The best ninjas in the business

Mind your business

Staten judicious

Malicious team we live in the kitchens

And dis niggas go the fuck home

Bring better biscuits

Come to the rally and flash if you with this

[Outro: Raekwon]I'm not playin'.

We shoot niggas. All day. Keep them hollows nigga. They got

New little guns. New little joints with long baby missiles in it. Them the

Joints we play with nigga. The Einsteins is on nigga. Hard bottoms in

The hoodie. Ice Water nigga. Word up. General Shala Raekwon. All day

E'day. A professional. Yeah. Get that money niggas. Don't never give up

Them guns. You stupid?

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