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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Spazzola
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Raekwon

Deadly medley part two

That's my word

It ain't safe no more, bitch

Yo, yo, brain gets punctured and drained through the nasal

Hour of assassination be upon you

Movin' with the tiger strike, bound, gagged and shot

Red the head in, dapple light centered, east remains hot with police

But I keep a lease for my, four-fifth automatic

Extended clip rewind, bust mine

Anytime you reveal your snakeish ways and actions

Observe the magnetic attraction and it's time for some grid

Iron rap, action-packed grudge match

Tough act to follow, hard copy novel, throw you off the Verrazano

We swimmin' with these sharks, yo I rate bodyguard

Stamp my initial in your birthmark

P.L.O., bust like a calico, tally hoe

Black expo, Tecs in Afros, we back yo

It's Dolomite, crash your windpipe, with the mic device

Fatal strike, daily mic fights, shoot out the street lights

Sight beyond sight, late night, city light

Tight like a virgin, mergin' with my A-Alikes

Splurgin', dirty to the grain, no detergent

Filthy, innocent until I'm proven guilty

Submergin', deeper in the lecture I'm servin'

Truth or consequences, life or death sentence

I'm hurtin' your person, I'm certain it's curtains

It ain't nuttin' like hip-hop music

You like it 'cause you choose it

Most DJ's won't refuse it

A lot of sucker MC's misuse it

Don't think that Wu can't lose it

Too much to gain to abuse it

The name of the game is rapture

This one is complete, it captures bass

Yo, I bring chaos to blocks like the riots in Watts

Rapid fire shots ripple through Kevlar, 9 glocks

Technique of rhyme pop machine gun ammo

Sporadic flow buckled a foe, intro to outro

Calico, throw verse but slide my dough first

I make thousands in the club with no shirts, go bezerk

From the Shao' borough, whylin' out on the furlow

Commando, styles thorough, solo inferno

It burns slow, thermonuclear degrees

Heads are underseas down to the youngest seeds

Wannabes clone, they light like summer breeze

Hundred G's for the Garden, them fans stampede

For the top cats, hit the mic like the iron-palm blast

Equipped to perform the task

S I N Y and what, head or gut?

The head rush will 'cause your cerebellum to bust

We be the world's most fabulous, hazardous to fuck with these ravenous

Killers get you stuck to the wall like wooden cabinets

Extravagant, jewel drop a helicopter high

Up into the sky, lines philosophize, I got stocks to buy

Watch my pockets rise to the bottom bust confide in God

In Sin I trust, the villainous, criminal minded killers rust

I intend to build and fortify in men

Mastermind rhymin', navigate the globe then retire quick

Aiyyo fluid rap bend through it black, buluga black ac'

Tackle that, ghetto tabernacles throw it in your lap

Slang A-K, national, geographical

Mathematical, slide up in your work casual

Nike Air Dog, who wear it all, plus down to brawl

All a thousand with a bloody hair, flammable

Rap mayors who clap Himalayas pinky fingers

Ever glacer, lacer, hand laser touches grail bomb blazers

Sly-workin', network bezerk, mad hurtin'

Killer whales, fucking up sales, crash Blooming dales

Masqevendo, John Lennon tenor break, mad descendo

Fuck y'all niggaz carve my ice through your Benz window

It ain't nuttin' like hip-hop music

You like it 'cause you choose it

Most DJ's won't refuse it

A lot of sucker MC's misuse it

Don't think that Wu can't lose it

Too much to gain to abuse it

The name of the game is rapture

This one is complete, it captures bass

Spazzola, S I N Y 10304

Lock your doors, crack your jaws

Drop your drawers

It's all day everyday with this rap souflee

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Raekwon

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