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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: Start The Show
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Raekwon

[Intro: kung-fu movie samples]

For money, I assassinate

Today, I have an opponent that's worthy

Now killing me

You won't find that so easy


Clap your hands

Let's start the show, c'mon!

Let's go

One, two, three, four

Said o! h! Clap your hands

Uhh, let's start the show

C'mon, c'mon

I said one, two, three, four

[Verse 1: Raekwon the Chef]

Revolutionary gangster, the will to kill

Everything up, my roots is steel

Do it big time, march through the desert and shine

Let the C's live free while we open the minds

Of every black man, white man, no color, my writing hand

Is like dynamite, I fight for land

Blood stains yo, gettin money affect the plan

We travel to Beijing and end up in Japan

Hoods everywhere, bring the goods and gear

And teach them how to hold mics and grow them beards

Then stop, check my brothers and my sisters in Africa

We know that's theirs, yes, we been actin up

Bush fucked the world up, and left our soldiers

Out in Iraq, bless them with roses

Foes try to approach, we roast them goats

We terrorize the city while forgettin the quotes


[Verse 2: RZA]

They tryin to take us back to Reaganomics with atomic bombs

On Islamic countries to stop them from being Islamic

But Islam is a way of life, Islam is the way of Christ

Islam means peace, the beast must pay a price

For his wickedness, politics is the trickiest

Business on this planet, the bandits are the slipperiest

Snakes who ever slithered, you ever stop to consider

Who's pulling these strings, from Napoleon to Hitler?

Is there an unseen hand with the unseen plan?

The unclean man from the unclean land

Desire to kill the righteous dumbs down the brightest

Give his life in this world that seem so lifeless

Put a price on things, that are priceless

Convince us that meanness is stronger than the niceness

Who really has the power - is is theirs, is it ours?

Is it a democracy, or the morning prowlers?

Do we have a press or President?

Is it a test or a testament? Pest or pestilence?

Who got the evidence?

Who got the common sense? Stop all the negligence


[Raekwon the Chef:]

I oversee the world

You taught me that, basically

I'm moldin rap to be more than I can see

Chef, Senator of Thoughts

Democratic cats

Saved by the judge

The flavor, that was brought about that day

Steaks come out, raw



"WU, TANG! " [x16 to fade]

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