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Artist/Band: Raekwon
Lyrics for Song: The Brewery
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Raekwon

[Verse 1: Raekwon]

Still shining, keeping my toes close

Catch me on the quieter, flip something up bring your llama close

So y'all already know I have a gun team

They don't hang, phones calls one ring, ?? flames

The ? performance

Built like gangstas ?? leave your ass like ??

Reflections is ill, my mansion out in ?? raw

Two Mexicans two ??

Everybody angry, the ?? is meaner

Bitches is happy, casinos look cleaner

The word ?? is rocking tuxes now

His main trooper, the Haitian nigga buck this clown down

Operation money, let's mail this

Paper stepped up now his gun game is real bitch

Don't make me kill your man's other man

This ?? real handsome man said

[Verse 2: Ceazar-N-Reason]

She get him for the ransom, money in the mansion

Always stay coordinated, my shit's longer waited

Cease, I make it bubble up like it's carbonated

Double up right on the spot, you know I gotta make it

??, I keep it formulated

It's still real here, I never feel fear

Make moves I wouldn't sit still in a wheelchair

Affirmed young general, street light walker with ??

I'm in the hood where they pop on site

Running through woods, we wolves ?? bite

On reserves under the moon or under the sun

Either way, false moves put you under the gun

We ain't playing yo, ?? fun, we as hard as they come

Fresh out the ghetto, we the marvelous ones

Move 'em out, less talk, put the tool in his mouth

Combination to the safe, get the jewels and we out

[Verse 3: Raekwon]

Nigga all black wardrobe, the gat attack foes

?? with the flow, I turn lettuce to dough

Play the hood close, ?? good smoke

Hoodrats, car jackers, project kids ??

Slicker than Crisco, my bite like a pitbull

I spot 'em and pop 'em, his nickname pimples

Check what I'm into, melodies that rip you

Snub nose, turn these rottweilers into shiatsus

Y'all like the ??, mine is like a book you must get into

Every line come like a missile

I got issues, all I do is make her whistle

Let the goons figure out if your diamonds official

Let you, bullets tear your bone gristle, lung tissue

Gun in every hole of your body dog, I can't miss you

?, three to your temple

And y'all was never hot, not even near a sizzle

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Raekwon

"Other Songs - Raekwon"

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