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Artist/Band: Fear Factory
Lyrics for Song: Hands Up
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Fear Factory

Written & composed by Phil Wilde, Kate Ryan & Steven Tracey

The first time I saw you I still remember when you passed me by

Love at first sight that day in September when I was so shy

The way you smiled, it turned me around - You spin my life upside down

And for a while time stood still - 'Cause I couldn't believe this was real


So put your hands up in the sky

C'mon and celebrate our love tonight

Yea put your hands up right into mine

'Cause baby love reigns divine

The first time I kissed you I still remember, I gave all I had

(We were) out of control that night in September

Yea we were bad

The way we held each other so tight - You made me shiver in sheer delight

I felt the earth move as time stood still - No I couldn't

believe this was real


Yea put your hands up in the sky - C'mon and celebrate our love tonight

You gotta live one day at a time - 'Cause baby love reigns divine

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Fear Factory

Fear Factory
"Other Songs - Fear Factory"

1. 0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)
2. Anthem
3. Archetype (Remix)
4. Can You Fix This
5. Goodbye
6. Hands Up
7. Hard To Reveal
8. Hurry Up
9. I Like The Way
10. Je Lance Un Apple
11. My Grave
12. Natividad
13. Only If I
14. Remanufacture [Edited Version]
15. Scream & Shout
16. Stain (Start The Machine)
17. Start Me Up
18. The Rain
19. We Belong Together