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Artist/Band: Lil' Mo
Lyrics for Song: Forever
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Lil' Mo

(Lil' Mo)
Baby I'm at the point of my life
when i'm tired of playing games.
I'm ready to settle down
and ready to buy your house
and i'm ready to change my last naaaaame.

Ready to have some kids
ready for the life to live
and all love has to give
I've been your superwoman for so long.
I'm ready to be your wife

Lil' M-O

(Lil' Mo)
ooh oooh ooh ooh
woo woo woo woo

Now that loves taken over.
I'm 100% sure that it's here to stay.
I ain't got no issues
standin in my way
and I aint goin no where
you aint goin no where.

Let's make it official
we ain't gettin no younger baby
and im ready to be with you
Woo Woo
together for always
to have and to hold through
sickness and through health
and I ain't talking crazy babe


can you live with it
lovin me for life
to have and hold forever
baby ride or die
til' death do us part
let's make it last forever

(lil' mo)

Are you ready to be happy babe
for the rest of your life
cause I wanna be your future
and let's start a family
cause i aint goin no where
and you aint goin no where
Sooo let's make it official

(bridge 1x)

(chorus 1X)

I am
I'm ready to walk down that isle in all white
and dedicate my life to you
Yeah yeah
and live together happily and after all


All i been thinkin bout is us
slide from weddings with bands on
heading to san juan
getting our tan on
you must be forgetting your mans long
most tuxes
i have trouble getting the pants on
and i know things run through ya head
when ya mans gone
I come home havin ya sayin (oh boy)
better than camron
you upset
and they plans on
gettin they chance on
gettin they hands on

Make it last forever
and ever

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lil' Mo

Lil' Mo
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