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Artist/Band: Lil' Mo
Lyrics for Song: Get Over It
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Lil' Mo

First of all, my numbers aint listed
So how you get my digits
You called my crib my cell my job and even left a message
You outta line shorty, You bout to piss me off
And you don't even know me that way
You calling me, stalking me, emailing me, telling me
My man aint bein true said yall had rondevouz
But you have no proof so whats the use
Of me losin my cool, losin my man, my sanity
Cuz your miserable
But I trust my man and I love him too
We have too much to lose to be dissin me over you

Get over it, leave us be
What once was yours, now belongs to me
We're happy, stop stressin me
He belongs to me, so get over it
Get over it, leave us be
Get on with your life, stop bothering me
We're happy,stop stressin me
He belongs to me so get over it

You must think your games are gon' ruin my house,
o0h I don't trust my man and I'm kicking him out
You say he cares for you and he's been there for you
do you hear yourself, you sound like a fool
If what your saying is true, What your telling me
To get under my skin, to get at me
Im oo grown for this so imma tell you simple and plain


now that's he's full grown you can't take you treated him so
wrong and you wish you had another chance, but he's
my man(he's my man)


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lil' Mo

Lil' Mo
"Other Songs - Lil' Mo"

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12. Get Over It
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