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[ More Waka Flocka Flame lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Waka Flocka Flame
Lyrics for Song: My Boo
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Waka Flocka Flame

Yes That Is My Down Ass Chick

She Aint Gotta Work No Mo

She Ain She Ain She Ain She Ain She Aint Gotta Work No Mo

Yes That Is My Yes That Yes That Yes That Yes That FLOCKA !

(Shootin The Breeze)


She My Shawty She Gne Hold My 40


She My Icey Girl Livin In A Priceless World

OOO. !

She Can Do (YEAH) What My Home (YEAH) Boys Cant Do (YEAH)

Dats My Lady You Can Call Her My Boo Boo

Well Thesee Niqqahs Is Fakin && Im Ready To Take

Yo Shoes Yo Clothes && Even Yo Cake

Lay On The Ground & Dont Say A Sound

Fuck What You Read Yu Will Not Be Found

You Think Its A Joke But It Is No Funny

Hollow Tip Bullets Run Straiqht To Yo Tummy

Im Lettin You Know That This Shit Is Real

Man Fuck All That Chanqe Im Fuckin With Bill

You At The Bottom Im Climbin The Hill

Comin With Gats && That Is A Fact

Blowin Off Heads && Blowin Off Backs

I Be The Ball && You Be The Jack

Playin The Game && I Am The Champ

You Are The Base && I Am The Amp

Liqht Yo Ass Up Like You Is A Lamp

Man Fuck All That Shit Cus It Is A Wrap

Thesee Bubble Gum Bitches Are Good For The Chewin

32 Flavors You Niqqahs Is Doin

Get Rich Die Tryna Is All Im Persuin

Stackin That Bread im Down For The Doin

(I Get Money)

Gettin This Money I Gotta Stay True To It

Niqqahs Keep Followin Hoes Keep On Swallowin

(Keep On Followin)

&& Im Still In This Game Not Fuckin With Lames

Brinqin The Pain Rearranqin The Game



Whats Up Shawty Hello Miss

You Cant Miss A Niqqah Like This

Iced Out Wrist With A Diamond Necklace

Im So Handsome Im So Fly

Im So Playa Im So Fly

Lonq Black Dreads Wit Some Gold In My Mouth

Tattoos Every Wheree Even In My Ear

Tattoos Every Wheree Even In My Hair


All Thee Girls Like Who That Rapper

Can Dey Fuck Can Dey Suck That Rapper

You Can Fuck You Can Suck This Rapper

Wrap Yo Lips All Around This Rapper

Im In Love With Nicki && Beyonce

Tell Trina && Alicia Come My Way

Tell Rhianna That I Want Put My Hands On Ha

If I See Keri Hilson Put My Hands On Ha

Man Im Fly Man Im Fresh Shawty Futuristic

Got Mo Hoes Than Ray J

Keep Mo Drama Then Kay Slay

Dats Why These Girls Always Fiqhtin Over Me

Wanna Put Dey Hands All Over Me

Wanna Have My Baby

&& Get Married Got Damn Baby Girl Its Too Early

Please Stop Actin Like A Groupie

Baby One More Thinq Baby Can I Get Some Coochie.!


Rent Free Bills Free School Tuition Is On Me [x2]

Trap House Boomin So Hard [x2]

Waka Flocka

Waka [x6]


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame
"Other Songs - Waka Flocka Flame"

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2. All I Need
3. All You
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15. I Be Talking Gwap
16. I Got
17. Lurkin
18. Luv Them Gun Sounds
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22. My Boo
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25. Racks On Racks
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27. Rumors
28. Same Shit
29. Sex
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32. Stove Music
33. Temptation (Remix)
34. Throw It Up Part 2 Remix
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36. We Mobbin
37. Wet Wet