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Artist/Band: N'Sync
Lyrics for Song: In Love On Christmas
Lyrics for Album: The Winter Album

Jingle bells jingle bells
Jingle all the way

Christmas time is so special (special, special)
When you're kissing me (under the, under the) under the mistletoe
Exchanging loving gifts
Sitting in front of the tree
Me holding you and you holding me

Wishing, I pray, to be in love on Christmas
Because Christmas love gives me that feeling
Wishing, I pray, to be in love on Christmas
Because everybody should be in love with somebody on Christmas

Last year, Christmas
It happened without us (out us out us)
I was all mixed up and confused
I didn't know what to do baby (What to do babe)
I never thought I'd feel this way
I always thought that Christmas was a happy day
I always prayed that Santa'd pack love on his sleigh and send it my way


What a beautiful time (oh what a beautiful time it is)
Time it is
A time to open gifts, and play with all the kids
Yes, it's Christmas (Yes, it's Christmas)
Yes, it's Christmas time again (Christmas time again)
Girl I love you (girl I love u baby)
Yes, I love you (yes I love u baby)
It's Christmas time again (oh)
To be in love on Christmas (girl I love u baby, yes I love you baby)

What a beautiful time it is
Happy time to open gifts
Yes now it's Christmas time
And I am yours
And you are mine
Oh when you're kissin' me
Right under my Christmas tree
Baby come close to me
Cuz this is how it should be!


(Grandmamma, with my granddaddy, and my momma and my daddy I'm with you
on Christmas)

Album Lyrics: The Winter Album

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