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Artist/Band: N'Sync
Lyrics for Song: Love's In Our Hearts On Christmas Day
Lyrics for Album: The Winter Album

Mmm oooo

I know great distance still remains between us
But there's good reason to hold on
It's the happiest time of the year
Filled with laughter and good cheer
As you watch the snow
Sweet love, you'll hear me say

You've got my heart on Christmas
Inside my soul, your love remains
Love's in our hearts on Christmas day

The days and weeks and months go by so slowly
We are both wishing it would fly oh
As the night begins to fall
Twilight drowns the bedroom cheer
Such a rush with joy (rush with joy)
And love, it comforts me
And I do believe

Chorus 2:
Love's in our hearts on Christmas
Though far apart
As one we pray
Love's in our hearts on Christmas day

A snowflake melts
In your eye it turns to a tear
But your cheek, it stays dry
With your warm smile so near
I have no fear
We're gonna make it
Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo

Chorus 2

Album Lyrics: The Winter Album

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