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Artist/Band: Old 97s
Lyrics for Song: My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin'
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Old 97s

This time is special for you

I don't think you ever fell for someone like I do

Every now and then I think of you

But this time is time for rock on

Hey, do you remember the time I took you after class?

I think you were going to find something special of me

But then when you turned around you broke my heart like a glass

I think you should never be like that to someone like me

This time I will let you down

This time I will never give you to

This time I will set you free

And only tonight you will be mine

Every now and then I think about you

And this pain is making me feel so

Alive is the word but I think better off

Without you I would be

I damn you my sweet blue eye darlin'

I couldn't stop sinking for you

Even if you never let me be

The man you wanted to see

My sweet blue eye darlin'

My sweet blue eye darlin'

My sweet blue eye darlin'

My sweet blue eye darlin'

My sweet blue eye darlin'

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Old 97s

Old 97s
"Other Songs - Old 97s"

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8. Let The Whiskey Take The Reins
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10. Making Love To You
11. My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin'
12. Perfume
13. Please Hold On While The Train Is Moving
14. The Beauty Marks
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17. Victoria (a.k.a. Victoria Lee)
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