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Artist/Band: Adrian Belew
Lyrics for Song: I'd Rather Be Right Here
Lyrics for Album: Inner Revolution [1992]

When the pilot informed us of what he was planning

And I heard the dirty words "emergency landing"

Well my brakes locked up and my wheels fell off

Now it's all I that can manage to go for a walk

I can see alright, all I need of the world outside

I believe instead

The important part is in my heart and not my head and

I'd just as soon be home in bed; I'd rather be right here

If my number comes up and I'm supposed to be dead

I'd rather be right here

If they voted me to be the leader of the nation

I'd rather be right here

Or I won a trip abroad, a paid vacation

I'd rather be right here

If they told me that the world was ending today

I'd rather be right here

If I had a bumper sticker this is what it would say:

I'd rather be right here

Cause I see enough; now I'm willing to be out of touch

Put my head in the sand

I wanna sit right down and take a stand

I don't need to be a traveling man; I'd rather be right here

But if you wanna see the world, well, be my guest

Where you might end up is anybody's guess

If you get on a plane, say for new orleans

And you land in smithereens, don't call me

Cause I'll be undercover with the girl of my dreams

I'm gonna be right here

Album Lyrics: Inner Revolution [1992]

Adrian Belew
"Inner Revolution [1992]"

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4. I'd Rather Be Right Here
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