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Artist/Band: Bilal
Lyrics for Song: Milf
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Bilal

Who's the reason for my daddy?s grin?

At first glance

(echoes) Chemical reaction

Didn't even say a word

(echoes) Mutual attraction

(echoes) Baby Making Hips

(echoes) Aint? gon trip

Rock and roll for months now

You can call me pullout faster

But if by chance I come to slow

(echoes) U can say it was Predestine

Since we started out in 30 years

On day one

Step into the here and after

(Day one)

Babies making babies making


Who's the reason for my daddies grin?

(echoes) The answer

It's true

Your momma

It's true

Brings drama

It's true

Then she got me

It's true

Cause I'm your father

Verse 2

I hear she has a child

People say looks just like me

But I haven't seen her in a while

Every since she tried fight me

Now she's hurtin it, That's it, Oh shit

City papers in the mail

Looka here at what I started

But if I laid that Pipe down

Maybe then she'll drop the charges

Man she's Psycho (psycho) man she's psycho

Yes she's loco(loco)

Sexy as she wanna be

Well is all my fault

Babies making babies making

It's true?(fades)

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Bilal

"Other Songs - Bilal"

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