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Artist/Band: Wale
Lyrics for Song: Tired Of Dreaming
Lyrics for Album: The Gifted [2013]

[Hook: Ne-Yo]

Get out of my head... get into my bed...

Come to me now, I'm tired of dreaming, baby...

Get out of my head... get into my bed...

Come to me now, I'm tired of dreaming, imagine, baby...

[Verse 1: Wale]

Fame has made me more foolish

What would you do with all these lusty groupies?

And I know that God has made me only human

But I'd like to take the time to describe to y'all my favorite woman


Teeth, white and bright and still talk to me like we back home

And weed? That's optional

'Cause my only concern's that her head's strong

And her feet? Let's see... 'course you know I like them clean

And I can understand a little bruise

You'll been running through a nigga's mind all damn week

And no, I won't OD - you'll get D, young as 19

I believe age is for math, all I need is chemistry, yeah...

The shawty be the glory - until my dream real

And I like a good story, I bet she got a mean tail

[Bridge: Ne-Yo]

Your little attitude... and the way you make your moves

Baby, it's just hella cute... baby...

Girl, I've been lookin' for you 'cause of the things we do

In my dreams, how I be makin' you scream

I wake up like...

[Hook: Ne-Yo]

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]

When I look in your soul, all I see is the gold

Her beauty is blinding, she's in total control

Her emotions at peace, let's walk the shoreline

Statuesque as can be, we're spending more time

Sky-dweller moving counter-clockwise

A perfect 10, I'm watching you through God's eyes

Bonita Applebaum - my strawberry letter

Love Potion #9, this shit's a gifted era

If this is wrong, you my co-defendant

As we plead guilty to this life sentence

Choosy lovers - she my block goddess

I love the realist - rock solid

[Bridge: Ne-Yo]

[Hook: Ne-Yo]

Album Lyrics: The Gifted [2013]

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