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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Started From The Bottom Freestyle
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Machine Gun Kelly

Started from the bottom now we here

Courtside you would think I was a Cleveland Cavalier

I'm talking 30,000 feet up in the air

and dance lair 30 minutes later all the fans cheer

Bitch you ain't seen this power since Lebron

I went to Vegas for my 22nd rented out the Palms

Now they say Illuminati is the cause

Or maybe everyone one of y'all is lazy and I worked hard

I ain't ever bowing down for a dollar

Selling my soul to a charter

I won't even take a buck from my father

But they weren't saying that back in the day

When I was hustling tickets to my shows ask Dante

And I heard tempers heating up like a fillet

Talkin' bout they run my city when they living in LA

Sucker I ain't hearing nothing but a word

Talked about I ain't about it bitch I got what I deserved

See I don't know why everybody mad

You had a chance and you blew it

Meanwhile I'm young and I'm ruthless

Meanwhile the dumber influenced

Thinking you live like the music

Don't be foolish my shooters make your face maroon like the Hoosiers

Suckers always wanna talk funny

Broke mu' fuckas never wanna talk money

And since I was being quiet in the past

I'm on the top looking down kiss my ass

Still in the game with my same clique

Still with the hood bitches fuck Cambridge

And when they wanna know if I am real

I say bitch I ran my city 'for I ever had a deal


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly
"Other Songs - Machine Gun Kelly"

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8. Smoke Hard
9. Started From The Bottom Freestyle
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