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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Street Dreams
Lyrics for Album: Black Flag [2013]


On a east side night

Under that street light

On the corner of don't think twice

I find my mind where it shouldn't be

[Verse 1]

Crack Rock in that pad lock

With a stash spot in my ragtop

Street dreams down the block from my dads spot

Bad cops on my payroll

At a buck a pop like Faygo

Add 50 Cent for like 3 keys,

Open up the doors for that Yayo,

White nights cuz I make snow

Bright lights then I lay low,

Fight nights I'm like Mike Tyson

K/o for that peso

That's the life that we chose

Talking bout

Money cars and these clothes

Fuckin with

Twenty broads that's exposed

And we in the

Strip clubs till they close

These are the chronicles of a hood muthafucka

doin what he gotta do to get paid

Chronic smoke In every follicle of my shades

Writing my obituary diggin my grave,

Cuz all they say is jail or death,

And I figure there ain't nothin left,

That I ain't did and since I'm knee deep in my shit,

don't hold my breath,


Oh shit,

Guess its back to that broke shit,

Roach clip in my ashtray

2Pac on my posters

Dreams of living like Sosa,

But I'm wakin up on this sofa,

Said I'm wakin up on this sofa,

I ain't waiting round here no longer,

Get it how you live it bitch we livin dirty

Most of us that's livin now ain't livin thirty,

Get it how you live it bitch we livin dirty

Cock that .38 put on my mask and it gets blurry

I don't think you heard me,


What I need a shirt for?

When you beast shit and you go hard till that tours gone

and you back onto that street shit,

What I need this shirt for?

When these tattoos that I bleed with say everything about my story

come read this,

What I need a shirt for? Huh? X3

When I go hard

So hard, to get everything that I worked for

[Verse 2]

At the top is no friends dawg,

At the bottom ain't shit dawg,

Middle man'n ain't it dawg,

Plotting drinkin this Hen dog

And I said lord my savior,

Have I not protected my neighbor,

Have I not neglected these haters,

Have I not kept you in my prayers,

So when my life keeps going downhill am I wrong for looking upstairs?

Am I wrong for feeling you hate me, am I wrong for thinking you'd care?

Am I wrong for keepin this weed lit and these smoke clouds In this air?

But I can't sleep without my mind gone cuz of shit I witnessed last year,

That boy that left out was just family,

I ain't see the shit comin,

We was supposed to be at these Grammy's

We was supposed to be stuntin,

Shit, we was supposed to somethin,

Fuck that we was supposed to be brothers,

Helped you out when you were struggling,

I don't owe you nothing muthafucka.


Album Lyrics: Black Flag [2013]

Machine Gun Kelly
"Black Flag [2013]"

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