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Artist/Band: Al
Lyrics for Song: Hold On
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Al

Me and my girls outside sitting on a stoop

he rolls up in his red Honda bump a snoop

he said "come here" but I'm like I don't know and

my home girl's telling me "Girl you shouldn't go"

Why, I think he hang with thugs slang with

drugs gang bangn' thugs always hang in a club

I know you looking out for me and that't fine but

my heart is telling me I want him to be mine

* ima mo koko ni isuwatte no wa

Cause you're so beautiful

kokoro no naka de sakende iru no ga ima demo kikoete kuru

** My boy donna ni tsuyokutemo nagasu namida no kazu dake wa kawaranai

anata wo omou kimochi dake wa nee "darlin" dare ni mo makenai!

Somebody Help me to get down Today

In this Club babe Cause he's Lookin' at my way girlfriend

He don't know Just Keep it like this

my Home girls tellin' me "Girl You Shouldn't go !"

Why? they think I'd runaway, waste my day,

Lose my way, argue day by day

I Know they Lookin' out for me and that's fine,

But I made up my my mind

I want him in my Life !! (You Know what I mean ??)

itsumo kako ni kodawatteru no wa

Cause I Wanna know his all

kizutsuku koto wo motomete iru no ga watashi no kotae dakara

*** My dream donna ni tsurakutemo kitto saigo no yume dake wa suterarenai

anata wo zutto shinjite itai kara mou "darlin" doko ni mo nigenai

* repeat

** repeat

*** repeatThanks to thudord

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Al

"Other Songs - Al"

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